Our Landed Nobility and Their Retinue

Warm welcome to Caerthe!  

Come, join us as we celebrate our populace throughout the year at the many fine events hosted in the barony.  As the Aspen grows on the mountainside, so grow the talents of our artisans and the prowess of our warriors.  We encourage everyone to find new ways to become more involved in the barony, be that through attending - or teaching - classes, picking up a sword, nocking a bow, or helping autocrat an event.  It is when we work together that the leaves of our barony flourish best.

Sir Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot & Mistress Dianna Doria
Baron & Baroness: 
Sir Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot & Mistress Dianna Doria
(303) 650-1251


His Excellency:

No citrus or tomatoes


Thrown Weapons
HE Mahoney
Crossbow Warder
THLady Thalia Ruggenall
Archery Warden
Sir Ramon the Chronologer
Premier Blade
Don Iago
Blade of Chivalry
Lady Aurelia
Equestrian Champion
Lady Kseniya
Blackthorn Bard
Cut & Thrust Champion
Mistress Gwencat
Sword of Chivalry
Sir Galbraith
Sir Iohann der Vuhs
A&S Champion
THLord Gauvain Eisenbein


Head of Household

Mistress Kseniya

Head Lady in Waiting 

THL Ellinor Rose Sanbourne

Ladies in Waiting

Lady Meliora de Berkeley, Lady Pvari Dalesdottir, Lady Isabel O Sullivan, Lady Martine de la Rochelle

Captains of the Guard 

Sir Iohann der Vuhs, THL Sebastiaen Bastoen


Sir Griffith of Barrowshaven, THLady Tangwystl Angharad verch Rhys (THLady Tanwen), Lord Su-Nak Dan-Thun, Lord Corban Maculagh, Christopher Broken Legged, Talespinner, Finna, and Westin


Lady Isabel la Biche d'Hiver (Lady Winter), Lord Gauvain Eisenbein

Largess Coordinators

 THL Killian MacKenzie, Lady Cedwyn Cwydd